Baker Airport (0O2) is located minutes from the town of Baker, California, and approximately 50 miles from the Nevada Border. Located at the entrance to Death Valley, Baker Airport is an emergency airfield, as well as a strategic location along the primary route connecting Los Vegas with Southern California.

Airport Address

  • 56500 Hwy. 127, Baker, CA 92309
  • Phone: 760-247-2371
An airport runway with the number 33 spray painted in white with desert landscape and mountains shown on the left and right sides.

About Baker Airport

Baker Airport is used by the San Bernardino County Sheriff & Fire Departments, and California Highway Patrol. It’s also used to transport spare parts for trucks, and ballots on Election Day. 

Baker Airport has a lighted 3,157 ft. by 50 ft. asphalt runway with instrument approaches. 

The airport has lots of available airspace for cross country flights or touch and go practice with only 135 operations per week.